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Sailing Program


COVID-19 – WYC Sailing Guidelines

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WYC sailing card holders

WYC Sailing Class Schedule


Boat Shed Visitors

  • Inform potential sailors of CV policies and procedures in advance, if possible.

o No one should come to the boat shed if they feel ill.

o   Anyone planning to use boats or assist at the boat shed are to hand wash or sanitize before leaving their vehicle upon arrival and after touching dock lines, sailing gear, dock cart handles, or hand railings, etc. before leaving.  They must bring their own sanitizer and gloves.

o Maintain social distance of 6 feet or more in any club areas

o   Minimize helping customers will be the theme.  Anyone using boats shall be fully responsible for their activity.  No boat shed staff will assist, including on-water activities.  Sailing lessons will be an exception.

o   Anyone taking out a boat must have been qualified to the club sailing standards

o   All sailing requests will be by appointment only.  (Contact details found on the club website)

  • Members may take out boats according to club qualifications only at their scheduled time
  • Members or non-members may schedule private sailing lessons that will be given remotely with attention to safety
  • Anyone that has had a virus since the first of 2020 must make that clarification when registering to sail or help in the boat shed
  • Signage will be in place adjacent to the boat shed to remind visitors of social distancing
  • Anyone scheduling sailing plans must obtain permission prior to visiting the boat shed (details on the website), or they may sign up at the boat shed if open.
  • A limit sign will be placed at the boat shed during operating hours to indicate no passage beyond that point
  • Anyone helping at the boat shed must bring their own tools. Shared tools will be sanitized before and after use by each person.
  • Boaters arriving by water will not be permitted landing unless they are members

Boat shed services

  • No more than two persons will be permitted working in the boat shed at one time
  • Boat shed services must be scheduled by appointment through the website.
  • Anyone helping at the boat shed must bring their own tools. Shared tools will be sanitized before and after use by each person.
  • Anyone helping at the boat shed should wear face coverings when inside the boat shed
  • Any boat worked on by a second party will be disinfected by that person when work is complete.
  • A designated “touch-free” drop spot will be marked for any parts delivered
  • Any boats or parts arriving via delivery truck or other services will be cleaned as described below.

Disinfection of boats

  • Clean all contact surfaces using an appropriate EPA approved material.
  • Remind people to hand wash or sanitize before leaving their vehicle upon arrival and after touching dock lines, dock cart handles, fuel pumps, and hand railings before leaving. They must bring their own sanitizer.
  • Boats will be disinfected after sailed by non-club personnel.
  • Customers should return to their cars directly after boating without lingering or congregating.

Sailing Program 

  • All payments will be made online or in advance by check
  • Members or non-members private lessons will be given by an instructor that will monitor the session from the dock. All sailing gear will be handled by the student.
  • Any member taking out a boat must have been qualified to the club sailing standards
  • Anyone taking out a boat shall wear a mask until they have arrived at a boat for rigging and then wear their mask upon returning sailing gear
  • There will be at least three days between the use of boats with gear sanitized after each use
  • No launch service will be available


Contact Tom Stoner with any questions


Sailing Chatter

October 2020 Sailing Chatter

Well.  It’s official!
The boats are in resting mode for the winter season.

Except for being tucked under the covers.
When stars align it is best to act.
So with the help of Fred, Alan, George and David the mast came out of the Rhodes Sunday (after a delightful final sail) and the boat came out Monday morning while almost staying ahead of the receding water level.  We just managed to snatch the boat from the water as the trailer almost captured it for suitable transport.  Something of a nearly balanced egg might give you the impression of how it traveled to the parking lot where it was coaxed into its final resting place safely on the trailer.  The hurdles in reaching that point are too numerous to recount, even though it took only about two hours from beginning to end of the frolic.
A deserved THANK YOU to those that helped!
The Javelin came out much more gracefully earlier in the week..
But then it should be mentioned the Rhodes trailer had been modified – well almost – to better accommodate the Rhodes in better balance with the welding expertise of David.  There were a few final details that were part of the Monday morning hurdle program.  With the knowledge gained Monday, we’ll review some notes over the winter and fine tune the launch and retrieval plans in the future.
I’ll try to advertise launch plans so more can enjoy the escapades in the spring.
It is challenging however to align the time of day, the day of the week and the tide with everyone’s schedule.  And then there is the weather, which usually ends up being a minor aspect of plans.
The weather this Saturday is not to be so great, so I am moving the boat shed schedule to Sunday afternoon after the docks come out.
Stop by and check out the progress of the Sprite mod.
I tried to attach a photo to give an idea of where things stand, however am having some computer issues for some reason.  The support ribs are almost set to attach to the floatation seats.  Once they go into place and the seats are glued in there is some bow work to do and adjustment to the mast step.  Rigging will be next.  And then a first sail!  AND, a second boat is waiting for the same modifications!
So if we don’t catch up, enjoy the winter season.

28 May Sailing Chatter

October 2020

Looks as though Saturday is going to be generally good weather.

So my plan is to be at the boat shed around 1000 if anyone is interested in picking up a pastry at Mammy’s and stopping by the boat shed.  Guessing they are still just take out.


Some projects to be done.

> wire brush the Rhodes Keel

> wire brush one Javelin center board

> prep bottom for painting by sanding (150 grit) of both Rhodes and Javelin

>  Good with cutting and fitting?    – there is some fit-up work to be done on the Sprite in the boat shed.  Could be a learning project also.

> rigging needs to be checked

> reinforce deck sections of Rhodes  –   cut and fit resin/glass work


Bring your own tools for your choice of fun.

Also, bring your sanitizer stuff and mask for sanding.

The cv masks are not good for sanding among other things.



Plans for next week:

At this point, since every day is a Saturday, I plan to be at the boat shed Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday around 1000 each day.  For anyone interested in helping this summer, these would be good days to stop by and review options available.


See you soon.


Tom 28 May

May 2020


Time flies when having fun!

So in case anyone missed the changeover, we are now in summer mode.

And sailing will begin shortly.  An ad is going out announcing summer sailing classes to the public and members.

They will be private classes this year beginning the week of 8 June, with priority given to members.

If you know of anyone interested in the classes, put them in touch with me to schedule their 12 hour private lessons.

Cost to members will be minimal and build on previous experience levels started last year.

Yellow, green and red if my memory is correct.


Those interested in helping or instructing should also contact me for pulling those plans together.

There is some work to be done getting boats ready to splash.

I have some guidelines for keeping socially separate from others.  See the attached note.

A large part of that will be limiting numbers at the boat shed and holding only private lessons.

Also, the boat usage will be spread out for deactivating the gear between usage.


Mammy’s is open, however tomorrow I have rcv matters to attend to, so will arrive in the afternoon at the boat shed.

Haven’t checked, although suspect Mammy’s are only take out.  Not sure if they are open Sundays.  However 30 May at 1000 is on my schedule for the boat shed.

So anyone interested in assisting or instructing stop by tomorrow afternoon, or contact me for another time to meet.


Look forward to catching up.



18 Feb, 2020

The first boil is done!
Now waiting for the trees to run again.  Suspect this Saturday they will come to life.

With the weather it appears the boat shed may come to life soon as well – after Friday.

There has been interest in what things can be done with the boats.

An effort will be made to maintain a list on the website under the sailing program for those that have busy schedules.  If there is something in your comfort zone to work on, feel free to go ahead and dig in.  If some instruction would be helpful to embark on a burning desire to learn a new skill, let me know and we can work out details of how to bring that about.  I prefer to help out where needed rather than do a job a second time.  Understand I don’t mind the extra practice, however the theme is to get as much sailing in as possible.  Or work on plans for whatever venture might be of interest.


SO, things to chat about on the 7th:

Boat projects

Boat Skips

Admin/Sailing Assistant

Set a format and plan for qualified levels for the boats – a requal/refresher for Open House on 28 June?

Ventures on the horizon – yours or mine.  I have possible crew positions for the first week of August, or before and/or after for delivery to the Cape Cod area.  Requires Coastal experience.  The possibility would depend on need of compatible skippers.

Power Squadron classes are beginning in March.  If there is interest in basic boating, navigation, engine maintenance or electrical let me know.


Also, some interest was expressed in what you tube videos are out there.  It has been a while, so here are some sailing videos that might warm your winter.  Eric Aanderaa is a Viking that has a whole different outlook on sailing than most.  Some good things to learn as well as some great drone videos.  Just google his name.  Understand his background before trying his approach!  Of course his sailing may not warm you up much.  Also, Spartan Ocean Racing for those seeking adventure.  Chris’ videos on his revival of an Open 60 are full of adventure and boat details.  Ditto for his approach.  Not everyone’s cup of tea.  Of course there are many videos that bombard from checking these out, so your winter evenings could be filled with sailing if you choose.

Looking forward to catching up.




Adult Learn to Sail will consist of two levels of instruction:

Basic Green

Cost: $150 non-member, $75 member   (preference for participation will be given to members as openings are limited)

Prerequisites: Orientation, rigging and Ground classes (Yellow Rating) and ability to swim, orientation, rigging and ground classes will be a part of the classes for any that have not attended those in advance of the August classes

Select your schedule   –   Tuesday and Thursday: 1500 to 1900,   or Saturday 1000 – 1500 (bring lunch) beginning the week of 5 August for three weeks through 1 September

For adults wishing to learn the art and science of sailing, this is the course for you.  The exact contents are customized to suit the knowledge and comfort level of the participants but will cover everything from why the sails work to the specifics of actually making them work. Terminology, boat handling, safety, sail trim, basic weather, knots and rudimentary navigation, even some history and possibly some sea stories will all be covered.  You might be ready to solo in light air at the end of these classes.  As with any art, time is required to establish skill.

Six 2 hour sessions or three 4 hour sessions

Intermediate Red

Cost: $150 non-member, $75 member   (preference for participation will be given to members as openings are limited)

Prerequisites: Orientation, Rigging, Ground School and Green Rating

Select your schedule   –   Tuesday and Thursday: 1700 to 1900, or Saturday 1000 – 1500 (bring lunch) beginning the week of 5 August for three weeks through 1 September

Building on the knowledge gained in the Basic course, or from getting out and sailing yourself, the advanced course delves deeper into the details of sailing.  More specific sail trim, more complex maneuvers, more exact helming and a further examination of the theory behind the art of sailing will be covered.  Lots more practice of your skills over the twelve hour sessions will increase both your ability and your confidence.  This course should prepare the student to be aware of their surroundings on the water with good sailing judgment and self-confidence to sail independently.

Six 2 hour sessions or three 4 hour sessions


NOTE:  For questions or to arrange a special class time contact T. Stoner at 205-2409